1. About Me

SFI Photo of Juliet I am the daughter of Atty. Nemesio C. Vargas and Purisima Posa, who are now deceased leaving 7 children but only 5 of us are still living. My brother Romeo and his wife Otilla, both Medical Doctors are now retired and are living in the Philippines. My brother Atty. Nemesio Vargas Jr. and wife Tetsie Lopez are living in Chicago with their 2 children. My younger sister  Minerva is a  Reg. Nurse married to Dr. Cesar Ortines  both retired are residing in Kentucky with their 3 sons.  My older sister,   Ida who remained single is a retired Lab Technician/Pharmacist who lives in Buffalo, New York.

I’m truly thankful for the countless blessings I have. My husband Ricardo Gerochi Jr. & I used to work  together in Governor’s Office for 10  years before we  immigrated to Canada. We have our only son Michael married to Daniela with a beautiful 9 year old daughter Erica and a son Justin who will be 7 in August 16 this year. We couldn’t be more happy  living in  a prosperous city of Toronto,  wherein we have a healthy environment and a peaceful life.

I enjoy spending the rest of my life with my family and my 2 grandchildren Erica and Justin, meeting other great people in my Bible Class in Church and Associates in “Catholic Women’s League”. In my spare time I am occupied with Church activities but I love watching basketball, boxing, & hockey in television together with my husband Ricardo.

I am extremely fortunate to have good health and after working 23 years in Bank of Commerce I retired. l still work part-time as an affiliate to assist my husband who helps people build their home-based business in the Internet.

Julie Gerochi

Affiliate, Richgerochi International

SFI ID # 11962361

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